The Programme

Our core curriculum specialises in Employee Engagement, in other words making sure that people are working "for the love of it !"

This is achieved as follows:

Dream Beyond Impossible

Taking an in depth look at the concepts of: What is potential; how much do I have and what stops the release of potential - we break the barriers that prevent the release of potential and realisation of dreams. This phase is designed to build skills that are essential for continuous and on-going dream building.

Place of Most Potential

By addressing the concepts of purpose, happiness, value and worth: we provide people with an opportunity to define their uniqueness, gifts and talents. We also look closely at the concepts of what is first and second nature? The focus in this phase is to establish the critical point or place where potential can best be expressed. By imparting principles of not settling for second best, we build the skills required to seek out these places or points where I can be fully me.

Making Your Life Count

Making the assumption that people at this point in the process have articulated their dream for their life, have rooted themselves in a defined purpose and are now using this as an orientation for seeking out that place of most potential, we now focus on the qualities and characteristics for sustained personal performance.

  • our key Objectives

  • Build Self Confidence
  • Motivate and Inspire
  • BUILD HOPE & Optimism
  • Clarify GIFTS and talents
  • Empower, enable, excite and ignite
  • Change NEGATIVE HABITS, attitudes and comfort ZONES
  • Stimulate excellence and peak performance.