Our heart is to see people dream beyond their "impossible", find their placed of most potential and make their lives count.

About US

Established in 1996 our purpose is to inspire individuals, teams and organisations across the world to achieve their potential.

We call ourselves Inspirers, thatīs our job title and what you will find on our business cards.

What is an Inspirer? Simply put we believe that human beings have potential, actually great amounts of potential but this potential is restricted or limited by thinking patterns.

People are stuck, which in turn means the teams they are a part of, are stuck and therefore the organisations and communities are also stuck!

We are not business consultants who focus on inanimate tools and business machines. Our passion is people! We want to awaken the explosive energies of people.

With skills that have been developed and honed on the sports fields, in classrooms, in prisons, in boardrooms, in factories and in communities, Dreambuilders does what it says.... it builds dreams.


  • our key Objectives

  • Build Self Confidence
  • Motivate and Inspire
  • BUILD HOPE & Optimism
  • Clarify GIFTS and talents
  • Empower, enable, excite and ignite
  • Change NEGATIVE HABITS, attitudes and comfort ZONES
  • Stimulate excellence and peak performance.